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  Welcome to JUMR

JUMR is a scientific journal dedicated to research performed by undergraduate students in materials related fields. JUMR is a student-run endeavor. The editorial board is made up of graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The primary goal of the journal is to provide a venue for undergraduates to publish research performed in materials related fields. The secondary goals are to provide opportunities for undergraduates to practice their communication skills and learn about reviewed publications, as well as providing opportunities for editorial board members to participate in the administration of creating the reviewed publication.

Paper Review

The review committee contains faculty, industry, and graduate student members. Each article will be evaluated by 2 - 3 reviewers, at least one of whom will be a graduate student. Based on the reviewers' comments, the editorial board will choose which papers to accept for publication and provide appropriate feedback to the authors.

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JUMR Submission and Style Guide

Permission to Publish Form

JUMR article template (Word)

Application for New Board Members

Editorial Staff

Cameron Crowell, Editor-in-Chief,  

Andrew Pfaff, Assistant Editor,

Rose Roberts, Data Management, 

Alexis Trent, Technical Articles Lead Editor,

Moustaine Adegbindin, Katie Frei, Technical Section Editors 

Josh Stuckner, Feature Articles Editor,  

Fletcher Blue,  Staff Writer

Daniel Castellano, Layout Manager

David Hicks, Photographer

TBD, Financial Manager

TBD, Fundraising Manager

Kristian Cusimano, Distribution Manager

Kelly Stinson-Bagby, Erin McGuire, Tristan Knight, Support Staff

Faculty Advisors

Prof. David Clark

Prof. Johan Foster

Prof. Alex Aning


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Deadline May 13, 2015 - Monday, March 02, 2015

JUMR is accepting undergraduate research submissions for Volume 5. Deadline: May 13

Also, writers and journalists, submissions are sought for the feature article. Sample Deadline: April 13. Article Deadline: May 13. Click on each picture below for a full-size view of each flyer.


JUMR Editions - Friday, July 26, 2013

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