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  Processing & Mechanical Lab (Milling, Pressing, Testing

Processing and Mechanical Lab (Milling, Pressing, Testing) Randolph 156

Lab Supervisor:  Tom Staley

Pressing Equipment

3D-Printer, Compression Test System, Uniaxial Laminating Press (50 Ton), Uniaxial Presses (12 Ton), Cold Isostatic Press, Rolling Mill, Miniature Impact Tester

Processing Equipment

Extruders, Single Tier Jar Mills, Mechanical Sieve Shaker with assorted sieves, Ultrasonic Sieve Shaker with assorted sieves, Viscometer

Safety Alerts

  • Respiratory - Particulate
  • Hand Hazards - Abrasion/Punctures
  • Eye Hazards - Dust/Flying Debris

Safety Links

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Environmental Health and Safety

EHS Training

Emergency Contact

Carlos Suchicital, Facilities Manager (540) 315-5197

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