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  Ceramics Research in MSE

David Clark                        


Professor and Head, MSE

  • Ceramics and glass
  • Microwave processing
  • Sol-gel processing

Guo-Quan (G-Q) Lu

Professor, MSE/ECE

  • Nanomaterials for electronic integration
  • Magnetic nanocomposites
  • 3D electronic packaging and integration

Kathy Lu

Professor, MSE

  • Ceramic powder processing
  • Nanomaterials
  • Rapid prototyping                 
Gary R. Pickrell


Professor, MSE
  • Ceramic processing
  • Glass processing and characterization
  • Fiber optics and fiber optic sensors                 

Carolina Tallon

Assistant Professor, MSE

  • Ceramics processing  
  • Colloidal processing
  • Surface science and rheology of suspensions
  • Ultra high temperature ceramics
  • Multi-scale porous ceramic materials
  • Near-net-shaping techniques
  • Modeling of materials properties and predictive performance materials properties modeling
  • Nanocomposites and synthesis of nanoparticles                 

Carlos Suchicital

Research Associate Professor, MSE

  • Ceramic and glass processing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Microwave processing

Dwight D. Viehland               

Professor, MSE

  • Physical ceramics
  • Ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics
  • Actuators, transducers, and acoustics

Hang Yu

Assistant Professor, MSE

  • Materials design in additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • 3D meso-structured shape memory materials
  • In situ mechanical characterization
  • Residual stress in vapor phase deposition and additive manufacturing
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