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  Computational Materials Research in MSE

Levon V. Asryan

Associate Professor, MSE

  • Semiconductor materials and devices
  • Nano- and micro-electronics
  • Quantum dots and quantum wells

Romesh Batra

Professor, ESM

Affiliated Professor, MSE

  • Large strain finite element
  • Multiscale analyses
  • Nanomechanics
  • Dynamic failure

Diana Farkas

Professor, MSE

  • Atomistic simulation
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Fracture, diffusion, intermetallics



Céline Hin

  • Atomistic simulation
  • Nuclear materials
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Li-ion batteries

W.T. Reynolds, Jr

Professor, MSE

  • Tying theory to experiment
  • Phase Transformations
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physical Metallurgy

The Virginia Tech Terascale Computing Facility

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