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High Temperature Processing Lab





Holden 130A

569 ft2 

Lab Supervisor: Tom Staley

Capabilities and Equipment:
High Temperature (1700°C) Box Furnace (3) (Deltech)
High Temperature (1700°C) Small chamber Elevator
    Furnace (2) (Deltech)
High Temperature (1600°C) Larger Chamber Elevator
    Furnace (Deltech)
High Temperature (1700°C) Furnace (Thermolyne)
Horizontal Tube Furnace (1550°C) (Deltech)
Small Box Furnace (1200°C) (3) (Various)
Tube Furnace (1200°C) (Thermolyne)
Metal Annealing Furnace (4) (Thermolyne)
Fume Exhaust System
Drying Oven (Lindberg)
Water Jet-Metal Quenching System (Lab Devices)

Safety Alerts:
Respiratory - Extreme heat
Eye Hazards - Light/ radiation
Hand Hazards - Extreme heat 

Safety Links:
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Environmental Health and Safety 

Emergency Contacts:
Carlos Suchicital, Facilities Manager (540-315-5197
Diane Folz, Safety Officer

Other info: 


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