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Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series

Schedule for Spring 2017

3:00–5:00p.m. McBryde Hall 113

Refreshments at 3:00 p.m. Presentations start at 3:30 p.m.

January 20     Dr. Robert E. Schafrik, GE Aviation, Evendale, Ohio

Materials for a Non-Steady State World

January 27     Prof. John Halloran,  MSE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Fabrication Methods for Ceramics

February 3    Prof. Richard E. Riman, MSE, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Materials Thermodynamics - An Engineering Tool for Green Materials Manufacturing

February 10     Prof. Derek L. Patton,  School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Thiol-Mediated Photopolymerizations: Routes to Functional Polymer Networks, Surfaces, and Particles

February 17     Prof. Richard R. Mu,  Advanced Materials Initiative, Tennessee State University, Nashville

Functionalized ZnO Nanostructures and Possible New Applications

February 24     Peter Todoroff, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Erosion-Corrosion of Cu-Ni Alloys in Turbulent Flow

February 24     Giuseppe Iorio, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Thermo-Processing of Nickel Aluminum Bronze

March 3     Robert Mills, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Termomechanical Properties of Sensitized and Corroded 5083-H116

March 3     Cameron Crowell, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Bladesmithing and Characterization of a Han Dynasty Style Dao (Sword)

March 3     Jingran Li, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Enabling Component-Scale Prediction in Additive Manufacturing by Integration of Physics-Based and Data-Driven Modeling

March 10     No seminar (Spring Break)

March 17     Myung-Eun Song, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Effect of Lutetium and Gallium Co-doping on the Thermoelectric Properties of Calcium Cobalt Oxides

March 17     Michael Kidd, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Simulating Impurity Segregation in Aluminum-Gallium Alloys

March 17     Katherine Frei, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Nanoporous Gold Characterization

March 24     David Garcia, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Mesoscale Design of Materials Structures by Additive Manufacturing

March 24     Brody Frost, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Polymer Composite Spinal Disc Implants

March 24     Constantine Farah, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Introduction to the Fabrication and Applications of Optical Fibers

March 31     Josh Marett, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

The Isolation of Cellulose Nanocrystals via Acid Hydrolysis

March 31     Ryo Yamada, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Calculated Thermal Expansion from Intrinsic Quantum Thermodynamics

March 31     Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Effect of Repeated Biaxial Loads on the Creep Properties of Cardinal Ligaments

April 7     Donald Erb, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Effects of Additives and Pyrolysis Atmosphere on Porous SiOC Ceramics

April 7     Andre Stevenson, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Novel Correlations between Macroscopic Gelatin Properties and Nanoparticle Size

April 7     Chris Rader, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Nanostructuring PEEK for Bone Replacement

April 14     Hongfei Ju, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Centrifuge-Aided Micromolding of Micron- and Submicron-sized Patterns

April 14     Ian Knudsen, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Simulating the Effect of Encapsulating Pressure on Ballistic Resistance of a Ceramic Tile

April 14     Shelley Cooke, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Investigation into the Stability of Biomedical Grade Polyurethane and Silicone Exposed to Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses

 April 21     Anastasia Yakusheva, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Devitrification Kinetics of Optical Fibers at High Temperatures

April 21     Mohamed Faizan, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

A Review on Mechanical Alloying Process

April 21     Amelia McMullen, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Biofilm Formation on Antimicrobial Stainless Steels

For additional seminar information, contact Prof. Levon Asryan (540) 231-7033, asryan@vt.edu  

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