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  Materials Characterization
X-ray Characterization Lab



Holden 124

397 ft2

Lab Supervisor:  Tom Staley

Capabilities and Equipment:
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction System (Panalytical)
Powder X-ray Diffraction System w/Heated Stage & Monochromator (Panalytical)
High Temperature Dilatometer (1400°C) (Orton)
Thermal Dilatometric Analyzer (TDA) (Orton)

Safety Alerts:
Torso - Radiation Exposure
Hand Hazards - Radiation Exposure, Extreme Heat

Safety Links:
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Environmental Health and Safety 

Emergency Contacts: 
Carlos Suchicital (540-315-5197)
Diane Folz, Safety Officer

Other info:

X-ray training at VT


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