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Microscopy Lab












Holden 119

374 ft2

Lab Supervisor:  Tom Staley

Capabilities and Equipment:
Oblique Illumination Stereoscope (Olympus)
Transmitted/reflected Light Microscopes (2) (Olympus)
Gas Pycnometer (Micromeritics)
Axiovert Inverted Sample Light Microscope (Zeiss)
Rockwell Hardness Tester (Rockwell)
Microhardness Tester (Leco)
Microhardness Tester (Olympus)
Optical Stereoscope (Zeiss)
Abbé Refractometer

Safety Alerts:
No hazards apparent

Safety Links: 
Environmental Health and Safety
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Training Resources (EHS)
Emergency Response

Emergency Contacts: 
Carlos Suchicital, Facilities Manager (540-315-5197)
Diane Folz, Safety Officer

Other info:
ASM Handbooks (only VT access)


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