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Carolina Tallon

Assistant Professor 

Materials Science & Engineering

211B Holden Hall

(540) 231-2506 

E-mail:  tallon@vt.edu

Tallon Research Group Webpage

 Research Interests

  • Ceramics Processing
  • Colloidal Processing
  • Surface Science & Rheology of Suspensions
  • Ultra High Temperature Ceramics
  • Multi-scale Porous Ceramic Materials
  • Near-net-shaping Techniques
  • Modeling of Materials Properties & Predictive Performance Materials Properties Modeling
  • Nanocomposites & Synthesis of Nanoparticles


  • B.E. Chemical Engineering, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Granada, Spain
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid & Institute of Ceramic & Glass CSIC (Madrid), Spain
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