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  Alfred Knobler Visit

Alfred Knobler Visit
Fall 2003 


In November 2003, Alfred Knobler (CERE '38) made a generous gift of $600,000 to the university that will be shared equally between the MSE department and the English department. The purpose of this gift is to support graduate education through the establishment of fellowships.


This spring, Mr. Knobler and his son, Peter, paid a visit to the English and MSE departments to discuss plans for an annual Alfred E. Knobler Summit, which will be a university-wide event to showcase accomplishments, talent, and creativity of students and faculty who have benefited from Mr. Knobler's generosity.



During their visit, Alf attended a reception in MSE while Peter headed down to the English department. Pictured at the left is Alf with Tracey Keister, MSE office manager. Shown at the far right, Alf chats with Prof. Diana Farkas.

Left to Right, Adam Maisano (MSE '04),                   Alf visits with Prof. Dick Hasselman and
Dara Fleming (MSE Knobler Scholar),                      an MSE student
Alf, LeeAnn Ellis

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