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  Tianjun University Visitors

In April, representatives from Tianjin University in China paid a visit to Virginia Tech to further international collaboration between their School of Materials Science and Engineering and Virginia Tech's Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  The main goals were to establish a formal student exchange program and to promote research cooperation between the two MSE groups. Shown below are MSE faculty and students and the four Tianjin University faculty.

The Chinese delegation included Prof. Zhenduo Cui, Dean, School of Materials Science & Eng.; Prof. Lijun Wang, Head, Dept. of Materials Processing Eng.; Prof. Naiqin Zhao, Head, Dept. of Metallurgy & Dir., Tianjin Key Lab of Composite & Functional Materials; and Prof. Jiachen Liu, Head, Dept. of Inorganic Materials & Deputy Dir., Advanced Ceramics & Machining Technology.  
Prof. David Clark, Head of MSE at Virginia Tech, hosted a reception for the visitors to meet with VT MSE faculty and students.  They were also greeted by Dr. Benson (left), Dean of Virginia Tech's College of Engineering, as well as Glenda Scales, Associate Dean, International Programs and Information Technology in the College of Engineering.


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