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  MSE Curriculum


Check-sheet & Course Catalog

It is important that all students closely follow the suggested course plan by using the approved check-sheet as a large majority of MSE courses are term specific. Currently, MSE 2034 is the only course offered during the summer I term.

The check-sheet is updated annually for the incoming graduating class. Students should follow the closes check-sheet until final approval has been received for the next year’s check-sheet. Approved check-sheets are available here:  

A complete listing of courses offered can be found in the Undergraduate Course Catalog

Selecting A Minor

A majority of MSE students have incorporated a minor into their studies. These minors have been based on the desire to explore additional topics of interest or expand on their engineering or scientific understanding. Students are encouraged to meet with their Academic Adviser before deciding on a minor - some majors have required courses that may be counted toward the MSE degree.  A complete list of minors offered at VT can be found here:   

Undergraduate Research

With each semester brings a new rotation of research opportunities for faculty and students. As the faculty conduct research they often times need assistance of an undergraduate student. MSE highly encourages students to participate in undergraduate research opportunities whenever possible.

Students can learn of these opportunities by speaking with their instructors and professors; both in and outside of MSE. Click here to review a list of MSE instructors who routinely conduct research. 

Based on the typed of undergraduate research being conducted the student may receive academic credit toward their MSE degree. Students interested in received academic credit are required to meet with the Academic Adviser and complete the necessary paperwork prior to the start of the term the research will take place.

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