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Abstract: This award, funded by NSF Division of Materials Research, establishes a Network for studies in Multifunctional Materials Research. With this award a team of researchers, educators and collaborators from seven countries and ten institutions plan to develop a global network to advance fundamental materials research in the area of multifunctional materials systems. Three US institutions, University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT) and Rutgers University (RU), lead the interdisciplinary effort along with teams from India, South Korea, Thailand, Belgium, China, France and Brazil as international counterparts. Multifunctional materials systems are class of tailored materials that have more than one desired function (for example, piezoelectricity, ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity or luminescence) for a given set of conditions. The research themes emphasize design, simulation, synthesis, and characterization of multifunctional materials through fundamental understanding of physical principles that govern materials properties. Experimental, theoretical, and computational studies on thin films, heterostructures, and nanocomposites, with potential applications for sensors and high density memory storage, are carried out by the international team that includes active student involvement. Activities build on the existing research and education connections world-wide and aim to provide an online problem solving environment via "Remote Laboratory" where experiments prepared and monitored by local users are accessible in real time to other participants. Institute members collaborate to develop new online courses that integrate research and education with international experience. There will be international workshops and conferences on multifunctional materials to strengthen networking mechanisms among researchers and students. This network offers opportunities for students, junior and senior researchers to conduct research abroad and participate in conferences. These include, Exchange Student Scholarship to conduct research at international institutions, Exchange Scholar Award to postdoctoral scholars and junior faculty, Senior Research Fellow Award, and Student Travel grants for attending international conferences.

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